2.0.3 - e0 crash after waking from deep sleep

Playdate will have an e0 crash upon waking from a deep sleep. This occurs on-device only, and seems to only happen when the Playdate's put into the deep-sleep mode. Restart from settings, paperclipping, etc, all function as expected.

How to reproduce:

  1. Make sure your Playdate's turned on, and unlocked
  2. Press and hold the Lock button until the screen turns blank white (deep-sleep mode)
  3. After the screen goes blank, release the button, and then press it again to turn on the console

Expected behavior: it should show the Playdate logo, and then boot into the Launcher
Current behavior: it shows the Playdate logo, and then flashes a white light on the Lock button briefly, and crashes with an e0 error. Restarting from this point boots back to the Launcher.

It's worth noting that when these steps are performed inside Launcher, it only crashes once. When I performed these steps within the Settings app, the Playdate entered a full-on crash loop (white LED, "falling blocks animation", repeat over and over in quick succession) — paperclipping got it back to a functioning state.

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Thanks for the report; one of my several devices will do this! We're looking into it, thanks again.