2.0.3 - problem with waking from the deep sleep

Today I've got my PlayDate after 8 months of waiting. So far I love it :blush: To save battery I'm using deep sleep mode.

I had one moment though, when I feared that my device got bricked so fast.

  • I've put my PlayDate to deep sleep by holding the sleep button for several seconds.
  • When I tried to wake device up with sleep button it did nothing
  • I had to use hard reset with button hidden behind crank dock

Now I'm afraid to use deep sleep mode again :hear_no_evil: Is this common issue on 2.0.3? I've seen similar post on the forums.

For what it's worth, my Playdate lasts a week or more easily, on just regular sleep with the system clock showing. Even with a download or two happening.

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I know itโ€™s supposed to. Unfortunately my device lost like 1% per hour of normal sleep now, so Iโ€™m pretty sure it wonโ€™t stand a full week without charging :confused: And charging it often will degrade battery in time, which I really want to avoid. Also having a battery percentage always, visible and not only during charging, would be great :sweat_smile:

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I see, sounds like something's not normal with your unitโ€”but with any luck it may just be the displayed %, which is only approximate and I've always seen weird variation in that #. (And maybe the displayed # could get an OS update in future?)

So if the % drop seems to show it would only last 4+ days, it MIGHT still last the week or more that it should. :crossed_fingers: