2.2.0 Launcher — discrepancy in launcher card's loopCount

When a game's launcher card has defined only a loop count, but doesn't define specific frames to loop through, the Launcher doesn't consistently end on a specific frame of the card-highlighted sequence.

Scrolling through the game Launcher

I experienced it here with Dash Arena's card — this game's animation.txt governing the card-highlighted images contains only loopCount = 1 with no further instructions.

When the card is first highlighted after being brought into frame, the Launcher will loop through the frames in sequence, and then loop back around to the first image in the sequence before stopping.
On subsequent replays (if the card is un-hovered but kept in frame so it doesn't unload; and then re-hovered again), it will cycle through the frames like usual, and then stop on the final one instead of looping back like (I assume) it should.

This doesn't happen if the game defines frames in its animation.txt field alongside a loopCount; in that event, the Launcher will always stop on the final frame defined in frames.

The fact that it's looping back to the first frame looks like a bug to me - it should stop on the last frame.

You're right that it only seems to happen the first time the sequence is loaded into memory, which can happen the first time you scroll to the card or if the card happens to be highlighted when the launcher first loads. Looks like list view is also affected.

Thanks for catching this! I'm looking into a fix now.

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We've got a fix out in the 2.3 update. Please let us know if you continue to see this problem after updating!

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