3D-ish Buddhist Sutra

To learn the Playdate API and Lua, I’m making a Buddhist sutra (Hannya Shingyo or Prajnaparamita) that flows in 3D-ish manner using sprites. It’s still not clear what kind of game it will be.

The characters are 1bit black and white PNGs generated from Noto-Serif font using ImageMagick.



This is a nice heart sutra.

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Oh nice. I really like how it feels.

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Tiny update. Added crank mode.


added sound.

BTW added wav files are converted into pda files and I have to use filename.pda instead of filename.wav in the code. I can’t find this behavior in “Inside Playdate” document.

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I believe you should use the filename without extension, the SDK will take care of finding the matching file.

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This is beautiful <333