50% off CodeWordPlay - Mystery word puzzle game with 400+ puzzles, gear, achievements

Hey all! I'm realizing I've never actually shared my game here, so it seems like a good time to:

CodeWordPlay is now 50% off ($2) for the entire month of February! It's a four-letter word game with some twists, I hope you consider checking it out (plus I have a free demo available if you're not sure it's for you).

If you decide to buy it, I hope you play a couple dozen levels to get to the game's story:

You are a code breaker who stumbles across a nifty little device that spits out coins every time you solve a four-letter code. Sounds simple enough! As your wealth grows, so do the questions: Where did this device come from? Who made it? What happens if you keep playing, or worse yet, if you walk away from it all?

You are the key to breaking the loop.

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