A few non-functioning hyperlinks in the SDK documentation


On the following page, specifically in the playdate.display.loadImage(path) documentation:

(I'm escaping the URL so that the forum doesn't unfurl it into a preview card)

there is the following text with a hyperlink:

" Loading an image via playdate.graphics.image.new()"

The link to playdate.graphics.image.new() does not work.

Similarly, in the documentation for playdate.datastore.writeImage(image, path):

(again, escaping the URL so that it doesn't unfurl)

there is this text:

" you must call playdate.graphics.image.new( width, height, bgcolor )"

once again, the link to playdate.graphics.image.new(...) does not work.


Thank you for letting us know! We'll get this fixed up right away.

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I just saw that it's now fixed! I really thought for a moment that this had never been a problem and that it had been a glitch.. but then I saw your reply

You all fixed it so quickly!! Amazing :slight_smile: Thanks a ton for taking care of this on a late Friday night. All the best

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