A Joke That’s Worth $ 0.99

I proudly present my game “A Joke That’s Worth $ 0.99” (or whatever it might cost, it’s a working title).

It is a balancing game of a tiny person with a bouncy bum that lives on the crank of the Playdate. The longer you can balance it, the more you get to know of a very long joke. If you can balance him for a long time, you will be rewarded with a punchline that is definitely worth $ 0.99 or whatever it might cost.

Here’s a video preview, I think it already explains everything:



This is genius! I like it, it’s super simple, but yet so well done :+1:

Love the details like the shadow.

Would be interested to know if this is using one of the 3D libraries?

ps: maybe it’s just me, but the thing you bounce is a bit phallic? (Sorry!)

Wow!! That’s great!
Can I share it?

Wow. The Isometric effect here work soo well!

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my new favorite expression


Thank you, happy to hear that!

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I don‘t use a 3D library. To be exact: I hand-painted 90 angles and wrote a program in P5 to interpolate between these images. So in the end, I have 360 single images, one for each degree. This is enough to make it feel quite smooth.
The phallic tiny person is not intended, but welcome. Maybe I should give him arms?


Thank you, yes please!

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Just came here to say this is soooo cool!


That is completely incredible. What a fun combination of goofy controls and inventive storytelling. Love it!!


Thanks Arisa, glad that you like it! :blush:

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Thank you, happy to hear that :blush:

OH! This looks great!

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this made me smile, i love it!! easily worth more than 99 cents

Love this! Everything about this -- the hand-drawn feel, the bouncing physics, the tiny animation details -- it's all so good.

Looks fun! And impossible on crankless legacy platforms


HOLY COW IT'S KAMIBOX!!!!! Maaaan i love your games soooo much! And the fact that you're making a game for the Playdate is even better :playdate_heart:

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This kind game also kind of shows the potential of "WarioWare" like type of game and this is formidable <3

PS: love SEE SAW on iOS.