A new take on Pipe-mania - coder/developer needed

I'm currently putting together a design document for a new, never done before, take on Pipe-mania.

After trying for months to learn Lua, it's become clear that it will be years before I'm able to code at a level to make the game to a standard I'd be happy with.

If there's any talented coders out there looking for their next idea I promise you this is a good one.
My vision is clear but I need a creative partner to build it.

I know this kind of collaboration isn't appealing to many people, but I so badly want to make this game a reality - but so badly suck at coding.

Please drop me a line if you're vaguely interested but very serious.


I'm interested. What do you have in mind?

Could you pleased provide a link to exactly what you mean by "Pipe Mania". I found a few different examples. Tile based puzzle game with flowing water right?

This will be my first playDate program, and I don't have hardware yet (just the emulator). But I've been programming for quite a while.

Hi there,

Sorry it's taken a while to respond!

Yes, the Pipe Mania I had in mind (called Pipe Dream in some territories) is the tile based game from way back where you control the flow of water.

It's been redone in many different ways over the years (notably the hacking mini-game in Bioshock) but never in the way I have in mind.

Still interested? Let me know and I'll drop you a link to the doc I've put together.



Still interested? Let me know and I'll drop you a link to the doc I've put together.

Sure, let's go.

Hey, sorry about the long gaps between replies- crazy time for me right now.
I had assumed there was some kind of direct messaging here but it seems not - are you on the PlayDate Squad Discord? Would be easier to communicate on there.

Ok, I've got discord.
(Apologies for the tardy response, Southern Hemisphere summer/xmas is chaotic to say the least)