A portal fan-game I made

Decided to release a portal game I whipped up a while ago, it only has one level so far (test chamber 04), should I make more? (if so, enter yes on the poll below) The level looks like this:

download and play it:
DLSHKOOGPZPortal_20231018003654.zip (42.2 KB)

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PS: I am not affiliated with Valve in any way, and the portal franchise is Valve's property. Also, if anyone knows how I could make velocity work, tell me!


I have an update! I made some new levels, about 5, so, I will continue developing the game, but, for now,
here's what I have:
JRMGRVCKVTPortal_20231022133737.zip (52.4 KB)
Also, I do not know if this works on physical hardware yet, but try it out!


Changed some things, and made a new level:
YCAXJKVSQFPortal_20231023155152.zip (54.5 KB)

Sorry for the amount of glitches, the game is still in semi-early development. And I tried to weed out as many as I could with this update:
BGRJRMOPKXPortal_20231025135710.zip (54.8 KB)

So, I guess this is the final version:
UFZGKUINAFPortal_20231031125457.zip (54.7 KB)

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