Ability to sort or reorder (non-season?) games in Launcher menu

I have a bunch of non-season games on my Playdate made by wonderful people on this forum or on Itch.io. I'd love to be able to reorder them somehow, since some I play more than others. Thanks!


Sorting, and/or putting into manual "folders" would be cool.

I was also thinking that a card for "Games List" might be nice: a simple text list, able to show 4 or 5 games on screen at once, for rapid browsing. Maybe a choice of alpha/date/manual sort.

And/or maybe a "small card" view with 4 cards on screen at once (ideally with a custom small card image in the .pdx.)

Either of those views could shift into the full-size card at game launch, for the sake of the nice animation.

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Would really love this! I currently have 73 games sideloaded along with my season games and it's getting a bit difficult to locate which ones I want to play
Sorting I'd like to have :

  • Latest uploaded first (current one)
  • Alphabetical
  • Grouped by Developer
  • Recently played (most recently played games at the top)
  • Most played (biggest total playtime first)
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