Access to PlayDates Notification Light

Hello. I am currently working on a game that uses all aspects of the playdate, from the crank, to the accelerometer, to the mic--and I was wondering if we had access to the notification light as well? It would clear up having to add a UI element to the screen real estate, and I believe it has incredible potential to immerse the gamer. I have a variety of uses for it as example:

EX 1: Metroidvania style game where there are secret hidden items, and the notification light beeps (like a dowsing machine) when close to one.

EX 2: A racing game where the light counts down at the start of the race, 3, 2, 1.

EX 3: An indicator for when the character or game is in a certain state, ie. in the Batman Arkham games, when you can react to enemies using his "Batsense", or in Zelda when the player is low on health.

This would make things a little easier for me as a developer because it would clear up screen real estate, and offer another communication method with the player, however I also understand if this is reserved purely for notifications as I'm sure players could get confused on whether they receive a notification or it is part of the game. A potential solution to this could be allowing for only a certain notification light color to be used in gameplay.