Access to system notifications

Would love to see a Lua API to system notifications on the lock screen! This could be useful when an app/game is running in the background and wants to display events on a timer.


I like that! Games can't really "run" while the Playdate sleeps... but a simple timer, maybe even a table of several text messages with pre-defined times? That sounds practical!

(Meanwhile, an app can PREVENT sleep, and do its best to manage power while still running. My Playtime clocks do this when plugged into power. But you can never be as power efficient as regular sleep I don't think, so it's not the best practice when on battery.)

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Could be useful for:

• ARGs
• Farming sims
• City/empire/business sims
• Virtual pets
• Events with a real word or online component
• Reminders and to-dos

But I can see how limitations would be called for.

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