Acid Ball - an Arkanoid clone

I've been working on an Arkanoid clone the past few weeks and I'm finally ready to share it. It's not quite done - I still have a lot of levels to make (there's only 12 so far) and I'm sure there's a bunch of bugs that need addressed.

Anyway, I'd love some feedback/tips and I hope you enjoy it! (90.6 KB)

Here's an link for those interested. There are 32 levels in this build!


This looks great! I really like the idea to use a crank for controls. I played this in the Simulator, so this might be not an issue on the real thing, but I wonder if the crank might be a little more sensitive? I lost quite a few lives because I was not fast enough to turn the crank into the correct position.

Other than that small nitpick, great work!

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It's definitely harder to control in the simulator than on real hardware. If you have a controller you should give that a try

The Acid Ball is a pretty popular landmark here in Salem Oregon. They've mosaic'd over it and renamed it the Eco-Earth Globe now, but nobody calls it that.

Acid Ball Forever!