Action RPG made with Pulp

I made a game using Pulp and I would like to share it with you!


It's a machine translation, so forgive me if it's hard to read.

It is a Japanese Action RPG like game from the 80's!
I created everything from the dots to the program and the music in the game!
It took me about 2 months.

Thank you for providing us with this wonderful tool, Pulp!
I would like to try the PC version of the SDK next!

One disappointment, however, is that the messages are only in Japanese!

So far we have only been able to confirm that it works in the simulator, but we would be happy to hear your feedback!

A brief tutorial on how to proceed with the game is provided below.

Use the four-way controller to control the player character.
Press B to attack.

Press A to bypass backwards.
While evading, you will be invincible for a moment.

Gain experience in ATR/DEF by attacking and taking damage from monsters, respectively
Levels up when experience exceeds a certain number.

The maximum value of Life can be increased by acquiring items.

Special skills can be acquired by receiving blessings.
For example, it can lighten a pitch-dark dungeon to some degree!



Any likelihood for an english translation of the messages? Or, is that not even really possible. Simply curious :3

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So impressive! I'm really enjoying it so far! It's quite challenging, and it really nails that classic vibe.

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Sorry for the delay in replying.
I am currently working on an English version.
I will share it again when it is completed.

Thanks for playing.
I hope you enjoy it.

so fun! excited for an english version.

The game is very good! I have not beaten it yet. I like the soundtrack especially. :slight_smile: Do you know how much attention in Japan there is for the Playdate?

I tried it on the simulator and then I tried it on the real Playdate hardware. It runs slower on the Playdate than on the Simulator. (Look at the speed of the main character.)

Playdate (hardware):


Please consider using this tool I made which converts Pulp games to Lua in order to improve the performance. It will probably be 10 times faster at least. The tool is easy to use; you just need to install the Python programming language in order to use it. If you have any trouble, you can contact me on Discord, where my username is NaOH#1432.


Thank you.
I'll be able to share the English version soon.


Thank you.
I was also very concerned about the behavior with Playdate hardware!
I appreciate the comparison.

I will try to use the tools you mentioned.

I think Playdate is not so popular in Japan yet.
However, I am very excited to be able to easily create games and communicate with people overseas through Playadte!


Feel free to reach out if you would like a native english-speaker to proofread!


This game plays really well, looking forward to an English version for sure. Worth putting on

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@hhrrsn Action RPG SUKIMA English version - #6 by DrCuster