Action RPG SUKIMA English version

The English version of the Action RPG "SUKIMA" has been completed and is now ready to be shared!

The following changes have been made to the English version from the Japanese version.

1.Added a small opening to the game.
2.You can get hints from NPCs at the starting point to help you progress in the game.
3.Replaced the ending.

Note that this version does not yet address performance with Playdate hardware.
(Work continues on performance with Playdate hardware.)

A little info at the end.
The music player can be unlocked by obtaining certain items hidden in the game.


I hope you enjoy it!


@SOBA_P Do you have a pdx version that can be sideloaded onto the playdate?

I think it is possible to sideload with shared pdx, although I think playdate hardwaer will have a slight performance loss.

@SOBA_P Im getting this error when attempting a sideload on the site:
“Could not find a top-level .pdx file.“

I was able to make a PDX version by extracting the .json file (it's zipped inside the SUKIMA_en.pdx folder), uploading it to Pulp, and exporting it as a PDX. This is my first time posting on here, so I'm trying to attach it, but don't know if it'll work!

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Looks like as a newbie I can't add attachments yet. Here it is in Google Drive, if I can post links!

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Thanks! That one uploaded. Now to see if it works on console when I get home :grin:

@SOBA_P I’m excited to try this out!

It's working fine for me! No notable performance issues or anything; really cool to see what people can do with Pulp!


I apologize for not being able to verify this as I have not received the actual device yet!
I hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks for your help.

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Is there any chance you will add the game to at some point? I know a lot of people are finding new playdate games that way.

I'll add it to soon!


This game is so cool, and I am absolutely horrible at it. :rofl:

But definitely need more Playdate games like this!

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Great game!!! This is definitely my favorite Pulp game so far. I just finished the second cave; I love the boss fights and the music!

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Thanks for playing!
I'm also glad you liked the music!

Your game is amazing.

I'm familiar with Hydlide, Ys and Xak and I really loved it.

Short, compact and packed with satisfaction.
The mechanics are simple but well designed.
I should play again soon to get all trophies!

I hope you'll put it out on so that more people will find it. I've tried many playdate games and yours is my favourite as I'm a fan of the genre.

I hope you'll do more, if not thanks for SUKIMA!