Add a "B to Cancel" interrupt in the Dialog system

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In Pulp, if dialog displays over multiple text boxes, I'd like a way to cancel out of the sequence. So say an NPC has even moderately long exposition - two paragraphs, for example, that may take multiple screens of text boxes. I'd like to be able to cancel out of the sequence if the NPC is triggered again.

Current solution is to just tap through the dialog every time but that can get tedious. Could also disable the NPC but I want them around if the player still wants that info.

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This can help avoid tedium and improve flow for our players, while still enabling us to have a reasonable amount of text assigned to characters. If we keep our text to one or two dialog boxes, that can inhibit the type of content we make.

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My ideal implementation would be to trigger this in the config functions similar to how we can currently configure the dismissal delay. Or to just have it be a global option.

In a perfect world, while the dialog system is running, there is a "B to Dismiss" or "Press B to Cancel" or somesuch that appears either below the text box or somewhere on screen to indicate is possible to break the sequence and return. This could be editable by us as developers or even toggled to appear after a text sequence is first displayed--maybe the full sequence is enforced the first time thru but can be dismissed if accidentally triggered again. Lots of options available :slight_smile:

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