Add a printf(formatString, params)

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I find myself writing:

 print(string.format("Some debug: %q", aVariable))

It would be less annoying if I has a printf.

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    Fewer keypresses.

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    It would be great is it could serialise tables too, maybe via the %q.

I feel like this is one of those things that's better to implement per project so it's more flexible:

function printf(fmt, ...)
    print(string.format(fmt, unpack(arg)))

As it's a debug only function, it would be better in the SDK so that it can be stripped when building for production.

(I am assuming that print is stripped when you build for production.)

Also, if it's bespoke per project then I have to import it into every file I want to use it in.

It isn't. print prints stuff to the serial console.

Ok. So you'd want to manually find and remove them before publishing