Add sprite flashing to simulate a shade of grey

On older 2D consoles, they would flash a sprite every other frame to simulate translucency
On black/white systems like Arduboy or Gamebuino, they do this to simulate a shade of grey
I believe all your art files would be in 4 colors to allow for black+white+transparent, so you could use the fourth color for grey, and the render function would have to automatically render 1 frame without that fourth color, then one frame with it, and we'd get a fake grey!

This request is already being tracked here: Grayscale on playdate

Thank you.

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EDIT: Ah my suggestion goes a little more in depth with how it'd be handled automatically and in the graphics files itself though. so maybe it's of some use

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It's just not possible on this screen. The pixels flip so fast that you can't hold them at an intermediate value like you can with the old lcds.