Additional text glyphs added to a drawTextInRect string

I posted a few weeks back about an issue with string length for localized text. I think that was misdiagnosed by me, and it's potentially related directly to the drawTextInRect() function.

The original bug report is here:

Now, using a standard string unrelated to localization, I'm seeing a manifestation of the same issue potentially.

It seems to be adding underscores to the start of each newly created line, after a certain height size of the Rect?


Let me know if more clarity is needed. I can get around this for now probably, by using multiples of drawTextInRect() stacked on top of each other.

With some additional testing, looks like it's directly related to the @ symbol. Trying to escape that character results in an "invalid escape sequence" error.


Wow, never mind I'm an absolute dolt. Clearly it's the underscore.

Thanks for coming to my clown show.