Allow for multiple setDebugDrawColor colors

Currently you only use 1 buffer for pd.drawDebug and it only draws with the last color you use with setDebugDrawColor

Could you please let us use multiple setDebugDrawColor colors by using multiple buffers?
I suggest keeping making keeping track of the number of times setDebugDrawColor is called per debugDraw only only allocating a new buffer when you run out of unassigned buffers, unassigning all but the first one at the start of debugDraw which gets auto-assigned to the last color set with setDebugDrawColor. That way you're not unallocating and reallocating the RAM for buffers all the time

The reason I want this is since PlayDates are in such short supply that many people are playing games on the simulator and I'd like to add a few colors but I noticed it really only lets you do this trick once.


Adding my +1 for this. I like using the debug overlay for its intended purpose, but being able to color-code overlay contents to signify different things would be very useful.

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