Alternative caption on crank prompt?

I'd love if we could specify the prompt on the crank prompt.

"Use the Crank!"

...seems so final and unwavering. It kind of implies that crank is the only way to play the game when you see the indicator.

For most of my games the crank is not only form of input, so people will use it in addition to other controls. They might even try it and decide it's not for them.

So, it would be nice if it could be a little more friendly, or vague in a way, and say something like "Try the crank?"

Could be tricky because it's images, of course.

Just a thought!

ps: what will happen to this indicator if the Playdate is set to another language?


My workaround


And when the crank is undocked, I draw an extra box in the same position as the crank indicator


Hey Matt! That was going to be my suggestion: just draw your own text after your call to playdate.ui.crankIndicator:draw() to "overwrite" the system-supplied text.

Good call on localization, we'll have to be sure to update this component when we localize the OS.


I thought about drawing it new text over the indicator but decided that figuring out when the indicator was drawing the animated crank and when it was drawing the text and figuring out those frames was a step too far. :slight_smile:

Oh right, of course. I can file an issue on adding the ability to specify your own text (or maybe just providing a function that gives you a bounding box and an indication of what kind of frame the animation is on? Or maybe a text drawing callback function that you can override?), but I think it'll be pretty low priority.


Whatever you think is best :slight_smile: