Amigo Tracker - a retro MOD player for Playdate


I just released my noisy side-project, the Amigo Tracker. It plays 4 channel ProTracker modules from local storage. Hope you find it as fun as I did making it :blush:



Very cool! Congrats and well done.

Can you tell us more about how you achieved this? For example, other people have struggled with timing. And how much CPU does it use? Could a game use it?

Thanks, I had to write the whole thing from scratch as there wasn't anything suitable out there.

Timing has been a pain, but at least everything finally sounds like music. That said, I'm pretty sure my implementation of MOD "tempo" is still wrong :sweat_smile:

What comes to the actual code, I have 1 looping and 4 one-shot sampleplayers per channel so that I can sort of blend the sounds together like an actual Paula chip would. Other than that I just use lots of precalculated values and avoid divisions. I also intentionally chose to only implement .mods as they only have 4 channels and a very low samping rate.

According to the stats the app runs at 400+ fps when playing, meaning the player should be light enough to be in a game. At least that has been my plan from the beginning. You can already find the modplayer asset on itch: Playdate MOD player by Outgunned Games

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The lib works great in game with GC turned off. Not so much with the default settings :person_shrugging: