An idea for a small UX improvement - double press to get home

I keep finding myself opening the menu just to get back to the home screen. What if a quick double-press on the menu button got us there?

There is a shortcut already. If you hold it in for a sec it will take you back to the home screen


HA! Good to know, thank you!

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Never heard of that! Great shortcut.

It's in the user manual (-;
Another neat one is "Hold menu while pressing left/right on the d-pad to quickly adjust the volume".

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I don’t think it’s in the manual, but it would be a good addition!

Even though the requested addition is already there it would be cool to have double press menu as an input. You could e.g. use it in game to make your own menu/inventory without using up one of the valuable buttons like A or B

@AdamsImmersive, I'm talking about this one, under the "Tips" section:

Edit: now I see it! :sweat_smile: My bad, sorry. I've conflated parts of two sentences into one non-written (yet existing!) meaning. Agreed, the manual could get an update.

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This and other things were requested a few years ago during developer preview. As a result the ability to add menu items was introduced.

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