An unwelcome gif (pdc segfault, 1.12.3)

Updating the SDK from 1.4.0 (!) to 1.12.3 and building a rather large project with make:

make: *** [pdc] Segmentation fault: 11

Some selective deleting narrowed the problem down to this aseprite-authored 30x11 .gif:

Any project that includes this little guy, no matter how small, will cause SDK 1.12.3 pdc to segfault.

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Turns out this is a result of the green->transparent feature I added in 1.12.0--the code scanning for green in the global color table assumes there's a global color map, and this gif doesn't have one. I've added a check for that case, and I'll fix the green check to work with per-frame color tables, too.

And here's a copy of that gif with a global color table, generated by running yours through Optimize animated GIF with the Coalesce (unoptimize) setting: ezgif-5-99dd05c02b

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