Animator crashes game with certain easing animations

I'm building on Windows and get these results in the simulator, using SDK version 1.12.3.

I've made a few animators and when I started testing using some easing functions it suddenly crashed. The animator itself uses a geometry.lineSegment to move a sprite. This works perfectly on its own. But when I add any easing function that bounces or moves the sprite beyond the end-point of the lineSegment (for example outBack, outBounce, outElastic) the game crashes as soon as it passes that point, with the following error:

Update error: CoreLibs/sprites.lua:197: bad argument #1 to 'moveTo' (playdate.geometry.point expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in method 'moveTo'
	CoreLibs/sprites.lua:197: in function <CoreLibs/sprites.lua:191>
	[C]: in field 'update'
	main.lua:267: in function <main.lua:148>

I when I use the "in"-only versions of these easing functions it works fine. I suspect that the engine thinks that as soon as the sprite reaches the end-point coordinates, it should clear the data for the animator, but the easing is not done yet and then suddenly gets nil as a value for the next geometry point. It probably just needs to check if the steps of the animator/easing is done first, before it checks if it has arrived at its destination.

This is fixed for the next update, sorry for the trouble!

Chiming in to mention that I'm seeing this issue with exponentialOut as well. I believe a release hasn't been made yet since this fix so the bug is still out there!