Animator crashes game with certain easing animations

I'm building on Windows and get these results in the simulator, using SDK version 1.12.3.

I've made a few animators and when I started testing using some easing functions it suddenly crashed. The animator itself uses a geometry.lineSegment to move a sprite. This works perfectly on its own. But when I add any easing function that bounces or moves the sprite beyond the end-point of the lineSegment (for example outBack, outBounce, outElastic) the game crashes as soon as it passes that point, with the following error:

Update error: CoreLibs/sprites.lua:197: bad argument #1 to 'moveTo' (playdate.geometry.point expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in method 'moveTo'
	CoreLibs/sprites.lua:197: in function <CoreLibs/sprites.lua:191>
	[C]: in field 'update'
	main.lua:267: in function <main.lua:148>

I when I use the "in"-only versions of these easing functions it works fine. I suspect that the engine thinks that as soon as the sprite reaches the end-point coordinates, it should clear the data for the animator, but the easing is not done yet and then suddenly gets nil as a value for the next geometry point. It probably just needs to check if the steps of the animator/easing is done first, before it checks if it has arrived at its destination.

This is fixed for the next update, sorry for the trouble!