API for sideloading

I'd love to be able to sideload my projects using an API. Currently, we can do this using either the Playdate Simulator or sideload wirelessly using the playdate website, but it would be amazing to do so via an API call!

I could likely create a selenium script to log in to playdate, click on "sideload" and upload the appropriate file, but I'd love to be able to do the same thing from a command-line.

My next steps will likely be to create a docker image that can run a selenium script and take in a .pdx folder and upload it to my playdate sideload page, but I suspect given an API token and Panic's help we could make this a bit easier!

What are your thoughts? Would anyone here be interested in either the docker image that I'm going to create? Would you find an API upload endpoint heplful?

An HTTPS API would be simpler and easier for all sorts of different clients to utilize.

I know this is easily achievable using the GUI approach, but using a command-line based approach to this makes development easier for me!


Check out https://github.com/jaames/playdate-reverse-engineering/blob/main/usb/usb.md with which you should be able to automate loading to Device the same way the simulator does (reboot, copy, reboot, launch)

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