ART7 - Playdate Art Gallery Open for Submissions

***Update have released Demo on itch! ART7 for Playdate - DEMO by Ledbetter (

Hey All! I referenced this in another post( Pulp How-To: Drawing Frames from a Single Tile - Playdate Developer Forum), but am now announcing ART7 - an interactive Art Gallery for Playdate :smiley:

Here's a quick announcement video
(note: music and some graphics are placeholder)

I love making art and decided to create a gallery in Pulp as my first project for the Playdate! And while I Could fill it with just my own.. Submissions are now open to the community!

That means You!

I'm especially eager to hear from other creators that are working on their own projects or helping out on others. Art, Music etc basically anything we can build in Pulp we can put in the gallery. I have a process for quickly adding 2d 1-bit art as I've talked about before, but we can also use drawing tools to do generative art, do interactive sculpture, animations.. really our own creativity is the limit!

This piece for example is randomly generated to be different everytime it's accessed

I've already got a few submissions from here, but I'm hoping this announce will reach a few more folks. Including devs at Panic! Obviously, none of this would happen without you, so if you're inclined, I'd love to see what you would like to put in a show.

For example, this cool Double Crow
dbl crow

Future plans for ART7 include periodic releases with new art, or focusing on an artist or theme or project. The possibilities are wide with something like this. For distribution, I will likely put this on for low$/donation just so I don't get spammed from having a free thing up there, but I want to offer the source to the community here free of charge, so that's the current plan. Open to suggestions or other distribution ideas!

Please friend/reach out to me on discord @ledbetter in the Playdate Squad server or message me here. For each piece, I will have attribution - your name and/or social handle, artwork name/date, info about the piece and short blurb about projects you may be working on. The ideal is for this to help others get word out on the cool things they (you!) are making.

Hit me up!

***This project is inspired by a similar gallery out of the Gameboy Camera Community from Cat Graffam (@catgraffam) / Twitter I got their demo on itch and am super excited for the full release!


Could be cool! What's the largest image area (in Pulp tiles) you can accept?

I'm assuming 1 tile on all 4 sides for the picture frame is mandatory, but leaving background area outside that above and below is not mandatory? And I assume you need to leave 3 columns of background at both left and right, to allow for the UI on the right (including 1 column padding between art and UI), with equal empty space on the left for centering?

If so, the largest frame would be 17x15 tiles, and the largest art inside the frame would be 15x13 tiles. Is that right? With Pulp's 8x8 tiles, then, I could submit art up to 136x120 pixels?

So the biggest 2d art in a frame that I can display is 23x12 tiles or 184x96px.

now that is for a 'painting' (and i want to encourage photography and generative or animated pieces as well)

There are also numerous places for sculpture. this would still be a 2d image of course but of a theoretical 3d piece.

so anything can really go above the plinth here. animated, 'floating', your imagination is the limit :slight_smile:

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Neat! Thanks.

For interactive stuff, I assume you need a Pulp project, and then you'd copy and paste elements from it into your main project? (I probably won't do that, just curious.)

yeah would want to prototype it in a project and take what works into an ART7 room

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I submitted something. Good luck with the project! Fun idea.

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