Ask/Option to delete tile/sprite?

i have a seagull. on the floor. its an animated sprite marked as a wall.
I have an option when interacting with it. Scare away or leave it be.

However I cant seem to figure out how to "delete" the bird based on the action taken???

	ask "A strange bird." then
		option "Scare" then
		  exist = 0
			say "The strange bird flew away!"
		        swap "black"
		option "Leave" then
			say "The strange bird pecks on!"

i miss a "destroy" function or similar.

any ideas?

Generally I think you accomplish this by swapping it with whatever your default empty background tile is (e.g., "white" or "black")

that is why i got the "swap" in there... but it doesn't perform the swap.

There’s no reference there for which tile should swap. Typically you use swap this way:

tell 14,5 to
 swap “floor”
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