Asking for feedback on a youtube channel

Hey all,

So lately I've been posting weekly development updates mixed with some tutorial-style knowledge on my youtube channel. I know that people are quite interested in youtubers covering Playdate content, and I'm hoping to find niche for those who are curious about game design / programming but enjoy more entertainment-style content rather than straight-up development tutorials.

I'm just at the beginning of this youtuber experience though, so I'm reaching out to you guys to know if you can leave any feedback on the video style and content. Also I'd love to know if there's anything you guys would want me to cover, in terms of lua tutorials, game design or development, game reviews, discussion or anything else.

Here's my latest devlog update video just so you can get a taste of the channel:

Thanks for sharing, I will watch them over the weekend. I need all the tutorials you can muster, especially Lua.

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I like the content and the visual effects, but I might be too old for the buzzing sounds and constantly changing volume.

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I'll be sure to keep them up! Been really diving deep into lua lately, and as my game updates reduce I'll be available to cover more lua content. Please let me know if you want any topics covered :wink:

Glad you appreciate it! I realise I may need to stick a limiter on my videos in general to make sure the bass boosts and saturation don't physically blast your ears... Thanks for the feedback!!