Behavior too tiny to program in!

How are people doing all this fancy scripting in that tiny text area behavior in the lower right?

I have a text editor I can use, but I won't get code highlighting (unless there is a file extension compatible with Pulpscript I might have missed somewhere)?

How are people adapting to this hurdle?

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Click on "Script" in the left hand menu :slight_smile:

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That works, thanks! Never would have thought to look for it there.

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I've had the same issue. Took me about 1 day to figure this out.
Might need a little "fullscreen" button next to the small script OR just instantly open as fullscreen. What do you guys think? Maybe add feature request to this thread :slight_smile: if you feel the same way.

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Yep, added the feature request tag.

Sounds like we're thinking #1 below, but I added another too.

  1. Fullscreen (or script) button near the mini script textarea.
  2. In fullscreen mode, selector to switch context would be useful.