Best iPad apps for creating playdate graphics (e.g. pixel perfect, with tools for dithering etc)

Hi everyone!

I was wondering what iPad apps people had found to be best for making playdate art? I started off trying to use Procreate, but really struggled to make art that didn't end up using shades of grey.

I found these procreate brushes which have been pretty good, although remembering how each dithering brush mixes with every other one has been a challenge

I also tried the trial version of Pixaki, dithering support on that was really good, although it's a lot less fully featured than procreate, so I haven't tried the full version yet.

I use Pixaki, alongside some old Machintosh apps in an emulator:

You might also have some luck with the web apps listed in

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FWIW your thread reminded me to share my pixel-dithering Photoshop template which has streamlined my workflow a lot. I haven't tested it on iPad Photoshop yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic!

I did test my template using Affinity Photo... and it doesn't fully work there. Still, template or no, I wonder if Affinity Photo might not be a good tool for pixelart. I own it but I haven't done much with it yet.

Also, I found a whole tutorial on using Affinity Designer for pixelart, and I kind of want to try that sometime! (I've used it for other things and was impressed. It's an Illustrator clone, very different from Photoshop/Procreate/Affinity Photo, but it does seem to have have specific pixelart features.)

(The pixelart editor I used to use on iPad, Pixure, doesn't exist anymore—but in the end I like the full power of something like a Photoshop anyway.)


This is awesome, I have the emulator running via xcode to my ipad but I dont know where to put the 7.5,5 disk image and LCIII roms i have to make sure they are included in the iOS build ? Any help much appriciated

Oh the iPad appears in Finder... lets see if I have the right ROM and macOS ...

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You got it! Internet Archive or Macintosh garden will have what you need.

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Thank getting there... I have added the Artworks keyboard but I cant for some reason get the on screen keys to appear, even though I have selected it as keyboard layout.. it is working with hardware keyboard and British for now so I got Ultrapaint running :slight_smile:

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The ArtWorks keyboard requires another classic app to forward the events. I may need to share that config file.

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