Best practice to get Pulp-created Songs and Sounds as mp3?

We're using pulp to make tracks for Playdate in the Global Game Jam, so we're sort of learning by the seat of our pants. We love the device.

A sticking point has been using the Pulp sequences to make tracks; we're exporting as .json, then converting to .mp3 and/or .wav that we can trigger in lua.

Can I export a mp3 from Pulp somehow?

Sorry nobody got back to you. I have no idea either. I've just used an internal audio capture to do it, which definitely isnt the same as directly exporting the music.

Hopefully someone who knows answers soon. Sometimes you can wait a while for an answer here.

It's all good! We're continuing with the project after the Jam, so the answer will still be useful, if and when it arrives! Thanks anyway

Yeah, I've come to the same conclusion. I've used Audacity or ripped the sounds just from the video captured in Mirror.

Reviving an old topic here, but can you share how you were able to convert a .json to .mp3? I haven't been able to find anything anywhere where I can do that.

I haven't either. I've just been recording the playback into a different program. It unfortunately comes out very loud and distorted. I'm sure there's a work around but I haven't been looking into it much lately.

It's been a minute, but I am fairly sure the solution was to export JSON from Pulp, and then use a googled "JSON to mp3 converter" site.

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