Better multi-tile importing!

While Pulp's tile editor is decent, it can be tedious to use when designing backgrounds for example that span multiple tiles. I would love to see the following implemented:

Importing any 2 bit (white and black) image that has dimensions that are a multiple of 8, without requiring a special naming scheme (i.e. *-table-8-8.png), and comprehensive error messages that explain why an uploaded file is not valid, e.g. "this file contains colours other than black, white and transparent", or "this file does not conform to an 8x8 grid size".

Then, it would be awesome if Pulp could check if any of the imported tiles are the same, and discard duplicates. This would be particularly helpful when uploading an image that is 200x120 pixels, but only contains a small artwork in the centre, without Pulp creating like 20 new blank white tiles as it imports the border as well.

To show an example, say I have the following image:

If I import this as is into pulp, I'll currently end up with tiles that look like this:

Instead, it would be great if Pulp could see that there are duplicates and instead import something that looks like this:

As you can see this tileset requires all the tiles you need to be able to recreate the image I made above. Having Pulp automatically reconstruct this in the room as well would be nice, but not as important.


Hmm, I don't seem to be able to import my sprites...

Is there a secret?

Yes there is! At the moment you have to rename the file something-table-8-8.png, the something can be anything


thanks this helped
Is this in the documentation, i could find no mention of the import feature?

but now gotta deal with there being loads of tiles. some kinda tile banks /pages that are the same size as the screen space could be good so we can import full art images.
Then being able to multi select and use them as stamps would also be great.Or the ability to just say this bank is a screen.
Thinking something like deadaus where its a top down adventure then full art cut aways would be awesome.

Dono what the limitations are to weather this should be possible or not.

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