Better separation between Pulp & Playdate SDK in the forum

The forum is getting flooded with SDK threads now. Which isn't a bad thing, but the SDK is a completely different product from Pulp.

I already see lot's of posts where it is not clear what product the question is for. (I mean I can guess most of the time but..) You guys might (at least) want newly created threads to require "pulp, SDK, forum" tag so that it becomes clear where a thread is for.

Or even better, separate the the two in different forums. They are different products. Not everyone who uses Pulp will use the SDK. Same goes for the other way around.

There is already Pulp category
and Pulp > Feature requests category

Everything else is ...probably not Pulp.

Bug Reports is a good place for more separation?

You can also use the forum's Account > Preferences > Categories page to "mute" specific categories (I do this to ignore Pulp)

Oh wait. I see what you mean. My bad! Completely overlooked that!

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