Black Squares of Death?

Working on a collect-a-thon game for Pulp. Issues i've run into started after trying to implementing "Exits" to future rooms. No code/script. Not aure how to fix. Video for reference:

Black square error

Didn't understand exactly what the issue is, but if it's about the black squares left behind after collecting, instead of white ones, you just need to go to the game tab and set the Fill to white tiles instead of black.

If it's not that, give us more detail on the issues you're experiencing, I couldn't tell from the video.

Thank you.

I am very very new to this and i don't remember clicking this. Embarrassing but I'm sure someone else will run into this too. So I'll leave the thread. The problem has been solved.

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No worries! Ask anything you need and we'll help however we can.

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