BLOB-Y: Puzzle Game


Hi! BLOB-Y is a puzzle game I have been developing for a few months. You play as BLOB-Y, a genetically engineered gelatinous mass that has escaped the lab and is oozing towards freedom. Avoid deadly lasers and the evil cyclops as you help BLOB-Y escape his prison!

I wanted to create a puzzle game that's challenging and rewarding so I decided to focus mostly on mechanics and puzzle design. The art and story in the game are intentionally minimalistic so that I can emphasize the gameplay (and actually finish the game in my free time). I'm still working on creating more levels (end goal is 40-50), and finishing up the UI. Here are some of the levels I have so far:




Players can use the crank or the A and B buttons to move BLOB-Y forwards and to reverse time.

BLOB-Y can only move in a straight line and only turn when he collides with a wall. However, he can use magnetic boxes in the level to protect himself from lasers (or position himself strategically). Each level has 3 stars that can be earned by solving the puzzle with the least moves possible. There might even be a secret reward for earning 3 stars on every level...

I'm still at least a few months away from finishing the game but I'm really excited to share it and see what people think. I will update this thread as I make progress and add content. I would love to hear any comments, questions, or suggestions that people have about the game so far. Thanks!


I'd love to play a little puzzle platformer on Playdate. Keep up the good work!

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