BLOB-Y: Puzzle Game


Hi! BLOB-Y is a puzzle game I have been developing for a few months. You play as BLOB-Y, a genetically engineered gelatinous mass that has escaped the lab and is oozing towards freedom. Avoid deadly lasers and the evil cyclops as you help BLOB-Y escape his prison!

I wanted to create a puzzle game that's challenging and rewarding so I decided to focus mostly on mechanics and puzzle design. The art and story in the game are intentionally minimalistic so that I can emphasize the gameplay (and actually finish the game in my free time). I'm still working on creating more levels (end goal is 40-50), and finishing up the UI. Here are some of the levels I have so far:




Players can use the crank or the A and B buttons to move BLOB-Y forwards and to reverse time.

BLOB-Y can only move in a straight line and only turn when he collides with a wall. However, he can use magnetic boxes in the level to protect himself from lasers (or position himself strategically). Each level has 3 stars that can be earned by solving the puzzle with the least moves possible. There might even be a secret reward for earning 3 stars on every level...

I'm still at least a few months away from finishing the game but I'm really excited to share it and see what people think. I will update this thread as I make progress and add content. I would love to hear any comments, questions, or suggestions that people have about the game so far. Thanks!


I'd love to play a little puzzle platformer on Playdate. Keep up the good work!

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I've been working on the menu, level select, and card images slowly over the past few months. I'm making all the art through a combination of digital pixel art and photographs of pen and paper drawings. I have 25 levels so far but level creation has slowed down as I'm trying not to recycle and puzzle ideas between levels and use unique combinations of the mechanics. Still haven't decided if I want to create some "story" animations that show why Blob-Y was created and the origin of the mysterious Blob-X. Here are some gifs of my progress!






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Quick update on Blob-Y: I'm now 95% done with the game, with 30 levels plus a bonus level unlocked by earning all the stars. I tried to make the game more visually interesting by adding some improved level art and animations.


I also finally finished creating all the music and sound effects. I made some simple synth music with online tools and sound effects with JSFXR, a great little tool for creating a ton of different sound effects.


I spent a lot of time tweaking and rearranging the levels to make sure they are difficult but not unfair, something that I have learned is much harder than it looks. Now I just need to go through some play testing before I'm ready for a launch!

Making this game has taken me way longer than I thought it would, even without adding any extra scope to my original idea (and even narrowing it a bit). My main goal was to actually finish a game for the first time and hopefully some people will have fun playing Blob-Y!