Bomber Panda. My BomberMan "Inspired" game. Full finished game


Please try out my first finished Playdate game.

A known issue with BomberMan games is that they're not very fun in single player.
Even though this is a single player BomberMan "inspired" game; I do believe I've managed to create a game that is fun and challenging.

The version I'm sharing here includes the framerate in the bottom-right corner of the screen, because I'd like to get some feed back from somebody who can try it out on a real Playdate, and let me know how it runs.
Hopefully it will be a solid 30, but I have no idea what the actual hardware is capable of.

Please download it from my Google drive here...
<--URL redacted-->

Please let me know what you think.

The game file has been updated based on some of the feedback given.

The game is now available via
Sorry about that.
Bomber Panda by Rob Seto-Patchett


Runs at 30fps on device with slight dips that are not noticable during loading.

Feels odd to be able to walk diagonals (which is also slower than straight walk).

Walking in general feels too slow.

Screen transitions also feel too slow. With the next level transition you have to wait for the music to finish and then wait for the blind fade to finish.

Also, in your pdx there are two of each of your music: both mp3 and pda.

All in all nice work on this!

Thanks for checking it out.

The transitions don't wait for the music, they're the same length every time (including a pause before the blinds start). But I could speed them up.

The walking speed could be increased too. But there are speed increasing pickups, so it's a balance.

I'm not sure what to do with diagonal walking speed. I believe, mathematically, the speed is correct. If you travel one unit X or Y when walking X or Y, you would walk less than one unit X and Y when walking diagonally (around .7 of a unit in both directions I believe.)
But I do know exactly what you mean. It does feel slower.

Perhaps the feel for the player is more important than what would be "correct". Even if that means you can kind of "cheat" by walking diagonally.

Thanks for the feedback. I will probably make the changes mentioned.

Here's hoping there will eventually be some sort of network APIs we can use so we can play this multiplayer with friends. ;D

I was surprised there are diagonals at all

Hiya, looks like the link is private. Would love to try this out on my device!