Bouncing balls game

I'm working on a little game in Swift! It's a puzzle game in which you direct bouncing balls towards a goal:


The tempo of the music is determined by measuring the time from when a ball is launched to its first bounce. This tempo sets the base for the music (unless it's too far from the normal tempo, in which case it's doubled or halved). Each level features a unique music piece composed of chords, accompaniment styles, suggested tempos, possible bass lines played alternately, and scales per measure (or parts of a measure). The ball bounces are assigned notes based on the current scale, which can change with modulations.
(I hope this video works:)

I’m currently contemplating the next steps for the game. My best friend is going to help with the design, and we’re considering a few options. One idea is to create a level editor, allowing players to design and share their own levels. Another possibility is to introduce more ways for players to explore and interact with the music within the game. I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions from the community!


this looks (and sounds) cool


I'm getting Electroplankton: Hanenbow vibes from this

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So cool! The music being created gradually as you play is really compelling. I'm looking forward to seeing more! And very cool this is all in Swift!

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