Breakpoints in Xcode

I have built the HelloWorld C example and deployed to the Playdate Simulator. However I am unable to hit breakpoints in Xcode. Is there some way to do this?

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You can only debug when running a game in the Simulator, not directly on the device.

Hi Will,

I would be fine debugging in simulator but I am not able to hit Xcode breakpoints there either. I am building with a Makefile, not CMake, if that matters. Do you have any suggestions on getting breakpoints/debugging to work in Xcode?

Thanks in advance.


I am doing the same thing than you (Xcode + Makefile) and it works for me. You may have an error in your configuration.

Is Xcode launching the simulator (through a scheme) ?

Did you check "Debug executable" in the scheme editor ?

I was unable to debug properly during incremental builds. Try to run make clean before each build.

Here is the simulator running and hitting a breakpoint:

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