Brickbreaker 2020

Hi I am the original author of Brickbreaker for Blackberry. I just downloaded the SDK over the last 48 hours and tried playing around to get a Brickbreaker-like game running on the Playdate Simulator. Here is my progress in the first few hours.



I am pleased with the simplicity of the SDK. I originally thought I'd write this in C, as was the original Brickbreaker, but the Lua tooling is really simple to use. The Sprite interface is especially helpful for collisions, and is well thought out. I really appreciate the work put into the SDK.


Cool! Quick work! I'm always a sucker for a good brick breaker.

Wow! A Brickbreaker game for Playdate, from the guy who brought us the Blackberry game? I am TOTALLY looking forward to this one. Love the animations, too!

Nice work!! I can’t wait to play it. I hope there is an option to use the crank to move the paddle, or to shoot.

Got some updates in. Level saving, and power pills are now working.

Crank definitely works but hard to test if it is smooth on the simulator.



Did you try using a game controller (PS4, Xbox) analog stick in place of the crank?

Simulator > Controls > Configure Controllers...

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A demo of the current build: (2.4 MB)

Will focus on adding a start screen, more power pills with different images on them so you can tell them apart, and then finally some different levels.


Nice demo @aliasaria, getting there!

Bug report: Please note that the collision rectangle for the paddle needs to be resized when you switch from the long paddle to the gun:


Also, it works nicely with the Xbox analog stick in place of the crank.


Here is the latest update for those that are curious.

Next I'll try to add a home screen and transitions and many more levels. (582.1 KB)

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Hi everyone. Here are my latest updates. There are now levels and a lot of fixes.

There are still a few bugs I want to work on.

I'm hoping to release the code as opensource after I finish the next round of bug fixes and add in the cutscenes (585.5 KB)

LMK what you think.


I gave it a quick try. I'd say it is really solid. The issue I have is that the left/right is as fast as the ball so if you are not anticipating your are screwed...
Also, if you have the gun, you keep it for the next level, and I can use it before I launch the ball. Makes it quite easy :smiley: (Couldn't pass level 3)

Update to those who were following. I finally found time to opensource the code to BrickCrusher:

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