Bub-O Collect (pulp game)

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a little clip of my game. It's a simple little puzzler where you play as Bub-O. In this game he's trying to collect flowers for his special lady friend. I'm planning on releasing it with 15 levels (plus unlockables).

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me by answering my dumb questions. This is the first game I made that I actually needed to write code. My other games we done in GB Studio :smiley:

Looking to release within the next week or so...


I like the bubble pop 6/6 flowers transition, nice work. Bub-O looks like Q*bert's little black-and-white cousin :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need beta testers!

this looks fun!

Ha! Yep, they are definitely related! :smiley:

Thanks! I hope to release in a week or so...

Will do. What's the best way to do that?

Hey guys! I wanted to share a little trailer that I cut for Bub-O Collect. What do you guys think?


Really fun trailer, good stuff!

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I like the funky tunes :smiley:

Thanks so much! I really loved making music in Pulp! It's so much easier than Milkytracker for Gameboy... :smiley:

Thanks! I love cutting these! I need to make more games just to cut more trailers...

Hey guys, Bub-O Collect is available on itch! Please, check it out and tell me what you think. Again, thanks for all the help and advice. I couldn't have done it without you.


Hey guys! Just wanted to let anyone know who already bought Bub-O Collect, there's a HUGE new update! Thank you to everyone that supported this game this year! This is for you:


30+ new levels
new cut scenes
new boss battle
new tips section
new songs
new ending
new post-game content

rebuilt movement with bubble
rebalanced level 1-15
omni-directional cranking
tightened game loop
adjusted all music and SFX
overhauled menus
death animation
bubble animation

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