Bubble Factory for Playdate

BubbleFactory.pdx.zip (62.1 KB)

Update: December 19
Rebuilt for SDK 1.0.0.

This is a port of a Game Boy game I made a few years back. Inspired by Game & Watch games, you must pop bubbles while avoiding guards.

The difficulty ramps up as your score increases. It starts very easy, but gets very challenging!

Miss three times and it’s game over. After 200, 500, and 900 points, you’ll get a heart that can remove a miss.

There are normal and hard difficulties. Each difficulty tracks its high score separately. Every 200 points on your high score earns you a star. You can earn up to ten stars by achieving a high score of at least 1,000 points in both normal and hard.

Random Implementation Notes

While the original Game Boy version was written in C, this version was rewritten from scratch in Lua. The graphics are ported pretty directly from the Game Boy. I had a script that would scale the old graphics by 2x and then convert the grayscale color to 1-bit dithered color. The gameplay field was rearranged to fit the Playdate screen, and I squished the basic tile height very slightly from 16 pixels to 15 pixels to give myself enough rows of tiles.


Uploaded the game rebuilt on the 1.0.0 SDK. There’s no other changes in this version.

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Will there be an itch page or is this the only place you are gonna release this app? This app looks super fun and we wanna link to your app from the playdate wiki, though linking to the devforum might not be a best approach due to login requirements.

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I'm planning to post it on my personal website in the next few days. Just been super busy lately.


Looking forward to it!

Lovely! Just got 5 stars on Easy and can't wait to play more. I'm quite particular with Game & Watch-inspired games, yet this one totally nails the feeling of the Modern-style Game & Watch Gallery games.

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