Bug: Code editor syntax highlighting and auto-indent

In most cases, the auto-indentation and the syntax highlighting works as intended/expected, such as when typing if <some expression> then followed by an enter, the end is automatically added at the correct indentation level.

In other cases, such as while loops and tell blocks, the end is not automatically added and sometimes the auto indentation gets confused and modifies which indentation level an end is on.

This is an example of the missing ends for while and tell as well as the auto-indentation messing up:

This is an example of how the syntax highlighting doesn't recognize the closing ends to tells.

Thanks for reporting this. Blocks should now create the end pair when you hit enter at the end of the line. The one thing I haven’t been able to track down is else staying indented after you hit enter. These fixes should be up in a bit.

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Absolutely! Thanks for the quick fix!

I think I worked out the lingering else issues too. (The problem was that an else both closes the current block and opens a new block and the tmlanguage mode I based the PulpScript mode on didn’t handle that case. So I just had to rewrite it.) The fix is deploying now.

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Thank you very much!