BUG | Frame system is doing something odd

In Comet there are a few systems in play.

  1. At night all tiles outside the lamps light are forced to be dark. This is done by telling them to move to frame 1.

  2. We're building a system to detect if the player is in the darkness which uses frame data.
    If the frame of the tile the player is standing on is set to 0, then it's light. If it's 1 then it's dark.

  3. This is where our bug comes in. There will be some static lights in the world that the player can use when they've not got the lamp.

To do this, we simply make a version of a tile that doesn't have a frame 1.

Only frame 0.

Lets see how how this works.

When I walk over our test grass holding the lamp, it's seen as being on frame 0.
This is right.

When I put the lamp down and walk over it, it reads as being frame 1
But there is no frame 1!

It looks as though Pulp is telling this tile to move to frame 1.
it can't which is why it is only displaying frame 0.
But there's some sort of metadata for the tile which IS set to frame 1.

Is this expected behaviour?