Bug: Storing/Restoring strings with embedded tiles

If you store a string with an embedded tile, upon restoring it later this string will no longer have the correct embedded tile information. It will have a blank space visually, but actually has an incorrect value.

For example:
:smile:Smile might be saved to persistent storage like so...
myVariable = "{embed:tileSmile}Smile"
store "myVariable"

Then when restored...
restore (or restore "myVariable")
When displayed will appear with a leading space as: Smile

I think it is still trying to embed a tile, but I don't know what that tile is.
In the logs, it still appears to have some kind of tile information, because it will not pass a string comparison anymore:
Screenshot 2022-06-18 073758

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Any traction on this from the Panic Pulp team?

Any other Pulp users see a similar issue or able to replicate it?