BUG | tell "tile" to frame num end

For some reason, whenever I try and use the tell command to tell another tile (with fps set to 0) to switch to a certain frame it crashes the game to where I'm unable to move my player.

Unsure if this is intentional, or it's only affecting the player somehow, but I've recreated the bug on many occasions including on the template disk game.

For reference, this is what I'm doing (disk game):

on interact do
	if disks==0 then
		say "You could play a game on this old computer if you had all of the floppies..."
		tell "disk" to
			frame 1 // I had added a frame to disk

I had left all other code unaltered other than the computer's.
This bug happens in other projects I work on, but still unsure if it is just me.

This could also very well just be how frame is set up but still It's been a bit of a bother.

This doesn't just affect player movement, menus have refused to work as well.

The Pulpscript doc States that, in a tell block, swap and frame are only compatible with coordinates, not tileName or tileID.
If you try, the game crashed

As far as I know there is no way around it. Telling "tileName" to call a function, that contains swap or frame, crashes the game as well.
You could try emit, if you really find no other solution, but you will want to check how badly this impacts performance.

Ahh Okay
I Actually Ended Up Trying Emit, But I Want That To Be More Of A Temporary Solution As Of Now
Thank You For Clearing That Up :sweat_smile: