Bugs I've encountered using Pulp in Chrome

Hey Panic team! 6AT0 here! I’m currently working on my pulp game “Beyond The Sea” And in the middle of working on certain assets, I have this bug that popped up in which creating sprites turns them into walls automatically. And then soon after, I had another bug I encountered where I wasn’t able to delete assets I had created that I wasn’t pleased with and/or didn’t have any use for. I’ve restarted my computer and refreshed pulp to see if that would do the trick. I’ve troubleshooted the situation with Neven a little and was able to fix the deleting sprite/asset problem but the auto turning any sprite into walls issue still persists. Any ideas as to what I should do?

This doesn’t sound like a bug. Sprite tiles are always solid. If you need a scriptable non-solid tile you need to use an Item tile.


Ooooooo gotcha! I guess that makes more sense. I suppose I’m so used to the World tiles I figured that the same logic applied across the board.

It’s not super obvious why but but the reason for the distinction is in the default behaviors of Sprites and Items: you talk with Sprites by bumping into them (so they need to be solid) and collect Items by walking over them (so they need to be non-solid).

Thinking about it, that certainly makes sense in context now that you’ve mentioned it. Is there a way to make a object interactive? (ie Press A to activate or enable dialogue?)

I imagine that would coded, correct?

Scripting isn’t necessary for that. Just enter some text in the Says textarea in the tile’s Behavior palette. If you want to require pressing A (instead of just bumping against the tile) then, yes, scripting is required. Checkout config.autoAct in the PulpScript docs for info about that.

Gotcha gotcha! I’ll give it a read!