C_API bach.mid example doesn't run out of the box

FYI, I just downloaded a fresh copy of the sdk yesterday. bach.mid example does not build and run out of the box. I'm using nova 10.6 on OSX Ventura.

Initial error: The game "popcorn" could not be loaded. Error file not found

  1. Edit the "Playdate Simulator" task and remove the name "popcorn" from the Product Name section, delete the bach.pdx directory, close the simulator, rebuild and launch again.

New error: The game "Hello World C" could not be loaded. Error: file not found

  1. Edit the Source>pdxinfo. change to name=bach, bundleID=com.panic.bach, rebuild


The Nova task is trying to launch Popcorn instead of Bach. The pdxinfo needs to be fixed up too, thanks for the report!

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