[C API] Font related APIs are different between the code and the document

In pd_api_gfx.h, the following code are related to font loading:

LCDFontPage* (*getFontPage)(LCDFont* font, uint32_t c);
LCDFontGlyph* (*getPageGlyph)(LCDFontPage* page, uint32_t c, LCDBitmap** bitmap, int* advance);
int (*getGlyphKerning)(LCDFontGlyph* glyph, uint32_t glyphcode, uint32_t nextcode);

However, in the C API doc, they are written as the following:

LCDBitmap* playdate->graphics->getFontGlyph(LCDFont* font, uint16_t c, unsigned int* advance);
int playdate->graphics->getFontKerning(LCDFont* font, uint16_t c1, uint16_t c2);

These looks totally different. Are these functions not updated in the doc?