[C API] getArgObject() return invalid address in Simulator

System: macOS
Simulator: Version 1.2.1 (117204)
SDK: 1.2.1

So I was trying to access a transformAffine object from a C function. I figure that even if I didn’t have the struct it was probably just an array in the end.

To do so I just tried the logical name for the object:
float* pTransform = (float*)playdate->lua->getArgObject(1, "playdate.geometry.affineTransform", NULL);

The return value was actually not NULL (which was a good surprise)
However reading it just crashed the simulator because the address was invalid.

Running the same code on the playdate returns NULL.
So I guess the expected behavior would be to return NULL in the Simulator too (and that we cannot access objects for the lua API).